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I'm Kristin. I'm 23. I'm neurotic, awesome, insecure, ballsy, opinionated and loving. I have the most amazing life.

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Photos (from top): Coastal Redwood, Sequoia, then a drawing, then Bristlecone Pine

Tall, Ancient and Under Pressure

Article can be read in the New York Times here. The article addresses the ability of Sequoias, Coastal Redwoods and Bristlecone Pines to survive drought and adapt to changing conditions resulting from climate change.


Great Falls National Park, in Virginia.

I want to go here so badly


 -a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature

-a love of life and the living world; the affinity of human beingsfor other life forms.


"For much of their history and all of prehistory, humans did not see themselves as being any different from the other animals among which they lived. Hunter-gatherers saw their prey as equals, if not superiors, and animals were worshipped as divinities in many traditional cultures. The humanist…

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The most alarming aspect of changes like No Child Left Behind or Race to the Top is how easily ideals like this get lost. Infused with the language of crisis and competition, the reformers of today have made privatization and standardization seem like the only alternatives. Asking what a more participatory, inclusive, and democratic education might look like is no longer in vogue.


“Be quiet. And that doesn’t mean that you are no longer expected to share your feelings and tell jokes and engage in conversation — it just means be quiet. Sometimes, quiet is needed. Learn to appreciate what quiet can be for people. Learn how two people can sit on different sides of the room, silently engaging in their own activities, and still achieve a profound sense of closeness.”

— How to Love an Introvert

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Really, the fact is: You’re not an adult at all. You’re just a tall child holding a beer, having a conversation you don’t understand.
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Every damn day.

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A plant is not thinking: Tomorrow I will put a new leaf to the north and then next week when it rains I will grow a metre taller. Its existence is just unfolding out of itself spontaneously, naturally, unplanned. Similarly, your true life unfolds in the same way but you are unaware of it because you allow your mind to imagine fanciful ways of being and then pursue your projections. Like this, you began thinking and strategizing your existence rather than simply experiencing your natural being. We cannot breathe tomorrows, breathe today. Therefore, knowing this, leave your existence to existence and start enjoying your cosmic play. Best of all, don’t try to be anything at all. This is a secret few recognize.


Taste the happy. 


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This is so amazing and so necessary.